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Write. Edit. Publish. You provide the seed idea and a rough draft. We help you bring your book to life. See the description tab for details. Contact us to get started today!


Strategic Visioning to Bring Your Book to Life

Get clear on what book to write. Clarify your message and audience. Ask questions about the process. Discuss author “SOS,” systems, organization, and structures you must put in place to bring your book to life.  Create a clear path forward. Book a Soul + Strategy Session with Dawn.

Developmental Editing for Your Extraordinary Book

In the past several years, many of the books I have edited has been recognized for significant industry awards and several authors have been published by reputable publishers or have books currently being considered. This is because I provide comprehensive developmental editing, helping you to improve the organization and delivery of your content for your specific audience.

As a part of this package, I also provide a second-round line edit for grammar, spelling. Editing package is $2,750 for books up to 100,000 words. Our full-service Your Extraordinary Book Write | Edit | Publish package  is available for $5,000 with two equal payments of $2,500, one upon project inception and the second payment upon completion. Note: self-publishing is currently only available for those clients who invest in the full package.

Contact Dawn here to schedule a complimentary call to see if your project is a good fit, inquire about availability or additional services. I will send an online invoice once we agree on next steps for Your Extraordinary Book.  I look forward to working with you and helping you bring your book to life!

Soulful, Strategic Support  for Your Extraordinary Book

Hi! I’m Dawn Richerson. I am a versatile, award-winning writer who has been creating unique, content-driven offerings for visionary authors and organizations for more than 20 years.

My experience as a nonprofit communications consultant, marketing director in the for-profit sector with expertise in publishing (worked for online publishing companies and helped dozens of authors self publish) and public relations (accredited by the Public Relations Society of America) give me a breadth of experience not typical of most in the consulting field. Combined with my own experience as a successful, soul-inspired entrepreneur and author for more than two decades, this experience gives me unique insights that help you navigate the complicated process of bringing your book to life.

I’m known to be quick and thorough in my work, and I pack a lot of value into my writing, editing and publishing services. Bringing together my intuitive and creative gifts with my skills and experience as an award-winning writer and editor with a background in marketing and publishing, I help you bring Your Extraordinary Book and other projects to life.

I like to maintain the highest standard of service for a small number of clients, so I choose to work with 3 to 5 authors on editing and publishing projects at a time, bringing these projects my loving attention. I work with clients all over the world and love to meet in person or via online videoconferencing for my signature Your Extraordinary Book Soul + Strategy Session. I can also assist with creating a clear content structure or creating a visual map to bring your book to life or design an author platform. Contact me with interest in these services.

I’ve edited hundreds of books, and give each one my love and attention, seeking to honor your unique voice, message, and intended audience, bringing greater clarity and allowing your fine gifts of original design to shine through. I’ve written more than a dozen books of my own, too, so I know what it’s like to bring a book to life. It is always a labor of love, and there is a vulnerability to the process, regardless of the topic of your book.

Custom writing, editing, and publishing packages are available upon request in addition to help with other writing projects. Contact us with questions or to discuss your project.

What Others Say about Working with Dawn 

Dawn is an amazing writing and publishing coach! She would ask questions that really expanded my thinking about who my audience would be, what I expected from publishing a book to strategies on how to sell. She covered all the critical points from start to finish in writing to publishing. I am very grateful to you Dawn for all your wisdom in creating my extraordinary book. ~ Angela Blaha | Author of Show Me: How to Remember Your Power through Self-Love and Forgiveness

My training is in performance excellence and quality customer service, so I can say from experience that working with Ms. Richerson is a positive, pleasant, professional experience. I strongly recommend Ms. Richerson for editing, design, publishing and website creation services.  ~ David Childs, Ph.D. | Author of The Organization Whisperer

Polished, professionalism, and peace of mind – are the three results I achieved working with Dawn. Dawn is brilliant at tweaking my unique concepts and thoughts into elegant, high-quality content for my book. She helped me navigate the uncharted waters of book writing and publishing and showed me how it can be fun and achievable! I’d highly recommend Dawn to any aspiring or seasoned writer. ~ Sheri Jones | Sheri’s book Impact & Excellence was published by Jossey-Bass and was the Gold Medal winner for the 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards / Philanthropy

You took my very rough draft and helped me create a wonderful manuscript. You made me show not tell. You made me describe my characters and explain to the reader what they were thinking. You corrected my grammar and punctuation. And you did so much more. Working with you was a great learning experience for me and a real joy. Thank you so much for your professional manner while editing my book. ~ Alayne Smith |Author of the young adult novel Ellen and the Three Predictions, semi-finalist in the William Faulkner William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition

You rock my world! Thank you so much, Dawn!! This book is my gift to the world to help others find their own light, to get busy living, to have everything their soul craves, to know their worth, to finally see how beautiful they truly are inside and out, to feel comfortable in their own skin! I couldn’t have done it without you. ~ Morgan Field | Author of Epic Sexy You, named a 2017 Top Motivational book by Next Generation Indie Book Awards

“So you have a truth, an awakening, an awareness that can truly change someone’s life, because what is within you is a gift the world and some specific somebody somewhere NEEDS. Would you agree?” Dawn posed this question during one of the sessions I had with her. The question hit my heart and really laid the first layer of the foundation for me to write my book. Dawn has the ability to sense the depth and intention of a person. She also has the right words to blast away any so called ‘writers block’! She is non-intimidating, empathic, professional, and very warm. What an awesome book coach you are, Dawn! Please continue birthing writers! ~ Bushra Salahudeen

Dawn created a phenomenal book marketing plan for me that will definitely keep me on track and help me reach my goal of becoming a best selling author! She is insightful, knowledgeable, and creative. I will definitely be using her other services. ~ Samantha Gregory | Samantha’s book is called No More Crumbs

Contact us with questions or to discuss Your Extraordinary Book or other writing project.



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